Curriculum Vitae

Urban Planner, born 1935 in Czechoslovakia. German Nationality. Academic studies in Darmstadt/Germany. Languages: German, English, French (Italian, Czech).Present Status
Head of the Office of Urban Studies (since 1964, now München),
Guest Professor Technical University of Vienna/Austria (since 2002),
Chairman of the City Development Committee in Leipzig

Member of

the German Academy of City and Regional Planning,
the Academy of Fine Art Berlin,
the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISoCaRP),
the Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development (SCUPAD)
all Professional Associations in Germany,
several Scientific Commitees in Berlin.

Professional Experience
2000 – 20042000 - 2002 Member of the Steering Group REGIONALE 2010 Bonn/Cologne/Leverkusen
Professor for City Planning at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
1976 - 2000
Professor for Urban Planning and Design,
Faculty of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund
1996 - 1998
President of the German Werkbund
1995 Guest Professor at the University of Trento, Italy
1994 - 1997 Guest Professor at the Institute of City and Regional Planning,
ETH Zürich/ Switzerland
1989 - 1997 Scientific Director of the International Building Exhibition IBA EmscherPark,
consultant to main regional and local rehabilitation projects
1984 - 1985 Guest Professor at the Dipartimento Urbanistica, Venezia/Italy
1971 - 1976 Professor for Housing, Tecnnical University Aachen/Germany

Main Planning Projects
Regional Plan Berlin/Brandenburg,
Urban Studies for the Parliament and Government district, design of public space in the center of the city.
Urban studies for the Parliament and Government district, Strategic Planning for the time after reunification, basic plans for different parts of the city.
Urban studies for the University district, basic plans for the Technology Park
Strategic Plan and Studies for urban renewal
Mannheim, Ludwigshafen:
Urban Studies of City Development
Ruhr Region:
Studies for regional and urban development, head of juries, consultant to regional institutions
City Development Plan after the German reunification

Damaskus/ Syria:
Regional Development studies for Syria
Beni Mellal/Maroc:
City Development, Model Town Project
City Development of the Capital, Master Plan

Main Research Projects

Future Development of Inner City Areas in North Rhine Westfalia
Social compatibility of new housing areas

Regional development of the Northern Ruhr Area

Evaluation of development projects in Cairo/Egypt, several cities in Bresil, in Sibiu/Roumania, Port au Prince/Haiti,
Evaluation of several scientific institutions in Europe
Pilot e-learning program at the Vienna UniversityMuenchen, November 2004


Prof. Peter Zlonicky

Büro für Stadtplanung und Stadtforschung